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Conference "Help Your Team Disconnect to Reconnect" - International Digital Wellness Day


18h (US/EST)


The notification of a message in the middle of the weekend, the e-mail that appears at dawn and the repeated feeling of living at work. This is the reality of many people in remote activity. Technological resources are strong allies for the fulfillment of distance, but the exit to physical security does not necessarily mean the preservation of mental health.

While we are witnessing the lauching of corporate mental health programs, it is worth asking: what are the practices adopted around the worker's right to disconnect? What is the role of leaders in the work-life integration of their teams? It is important that companies interested in preserving one of their greatest assets, people, understand that to face mental and behavioral disorders, it is necessary to go beyond the offer of therapy and meditation. It is necessary to mitigate the factors that cause suffering and the "always online" culture is one of them.

In an era of hyperconnection, we know that preserving mental health is a matter of human and organizational sustainability. We need to choose between being lords or servants of digital resources, otherwise we will lose control of our time. And time is life.